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Part of what makes Marc Maron so funny is he rigorously honest. When he is on stage he is an open book and talks about ever chapter. Nothing is off limits and more often than not every emotion is tapped into, and that is just on the part of the audience. Maron runs the gamut of emotions when he is on stage. All of his insecurities, his positive and negative emotions and thoughts running through his head gets talked about. However, unlike other people less talented, everything Marc Maron talks about is comic gold and pure genius. He is a refined comic who can turn even the most bleak topic on its ear and make it hilarious.

Outside the realm of comedy, Marc Maron is a titan of podcasting. Two times a week he releases new episodes of WTF Podcast With Marc Maron. His guests range from actors, comedians, musicians, film makers. Maron talks to all of them. All the interviews that he does are deep, insightful and compelling. If you have never listened to the podcast you can find it on iTunes. I suggest listening to the episode with Patrice O’Neal (ep. 95), Louis CK two parter (ep. 111-112) and most recently Dave Grohl (ep. 353).

Marc Maron is a comedic legend. He is a master of the podcasting world and most recently he has a new show on IFC called Maron. He is a road warrior with a heart of gold.Check out Marc Maron at where you can get all his tour dates, links to the podcast and merch. You can also follow him at @marcmaron on twitter and the podcast is @wtfpod. Catch him when he comes to The Pabst Theater on May 4, 2013.

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